We are actively contributing to SEA economy development by extending investment fund to the most active venture capital firms and fostering the most prominent entrepreneurs.

We support visionary entrepreneurs to build
sustainable ventures
Capital Fund & Sinar Mas Network

The pioneering Indonesian conglomerates, Sinar Mas Group planned to thrive digital ecosystem together with its 6 other pillars through well calculated investment.

Best-In-Class Engineering Team

Hyperjump, a CTO-As-a-Service company with dozens of experienced software engineering leaders and a network of hundreds of developers, ready to work side-by-side with invested companies.

Value Creation & Partnership Driven

In the digital era, together is better. SMDV collaborates with our portfolios and Sinar Mas network to connect each other and drive synergies, creating value for all partners

Finding & Nurture Digital Talents

In digital ecosystem, the best talents are the most important assets. Share the difficulties of hiring, administration and payroll process with Wirehire.

Community & Collaboration Focused

We aim to connect and enable interactions between our founders and top entrepreneurs. Creating a sense of community and support network.

We work closely and side by side with our entrepreneurs to elevate them to higher levels every time.